This Is Where We Live

2 Corinthians 5:
6 Therefore we are always confident, knowing that, whilst we are at home in the body, we are absent from the Lord:

Big open space, but we call it "home".

I took this photo during our last bird walk, so you can see our habitat.  We’re surrounded by cropland.  Because of our location, we and others have been amazed at some of the species that have visited our place.  Birders have told me that Lincoln’s sparrows coming to feeders is practically unheard of.  Really? :)  During migration, they seem quite at home with the food and bath.  But here you can see why we do not get some common feeder birds- they do not like the wide open spaces.

What this photo does not show is our neighbour’s place.  He would be to the right on the other side of the road.  His property is smaller, but he has more full grown trees packed closer together.  This is where we think some of our regular feeder visitors roost at night.

This next one is the southern part of our property.  I want you to see where the Kestrel box is, in relation to our house.
South portion of our property where the Kestrel nesting box is

We leave the fence lines alone for the most part to allow grasses and things to grow as food and shelter for wildlife.  We will keep the areas by the nesting boxes clear to keep the predators away.  We also have a Tree Swallow/Bluebird box on the north side.

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14 thoughts on “This Is Where We Live

  1. Thanks for the tour of your homestead! It’s interesting to see your surroundings and to learn about all of the wildlife that comes your way, and why their habitat is like. And of course, thanks for the scripture too. :)

  2. I looked up ‘Kestrel’ and saw what kind of bird it was….Do you have the Kestrel box in order to help keep the insect and mice situation in control…because I see that’s what they eat mostly (although I did see small birds as well???) Just wondering…Diane

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