A Well Fed Couple

Proverbs 18:
24A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.
I mentioned these two in a previous post.  I am glad I was easily able to find a picture. This Downy Woodpecker couple, (Could be brother and sister ??) always came together the winter of 09/10. Usually the male ate first, then the female. They ate from this seed bell and also the suet block.

Do you notice the tail of the male woodpecker? Look how it is pressed up against the seed bell. I know they have strong tails that help them as they climb up tree trunks.  Some feeders come with tail props to make it easier for the woodpeckers. In looking for more info, I found a good webpage about Woodpeckers.  Marvel of God’s Creation

We were not watching the birds then, like we do now, but I believe these were our first regular woodpecker visitors.  We have had them every winter since.  In the summer, we may spy them up in trees, hunting for goodies.

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5 thoughts on “A Well Fed Couple

  1. I miss the woodpeckers. When we had 2 big trees and a Cyprus with feeders, they would come. We took the trees out because they had demon roots that were taking over the world. Moral: Don’t plant poplars in the desert!

    • I will try to remember that about poplars! My husband likes those trees. Did you plant anything to replace what you took out? Can you believe I’m dreaming woodpeckers. I had one last night they were pounding on my house. I read something recently about people being annoyed by woodpeckers knocking on their homes.

  2. Eclectic Rhapsody

    Thanks for the scripture and pictures, as well as the interesting facts about woodpeckers! I enjoyed the article as well, which brings up some very valid points.

  3. Downy woodpeckers are such cute little guys. We get them regularly at our feeder. Recently a pair of Hairy woodpeckers–Downy’s bigger cousins–started coming, too. What fun! I need to write about them soon, as they have a unique way of eating sunflower seeds. Or at least it is new to me.

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